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As a Qroople Broker, you will need to peruse and download all the files below. Go through it, and apply it in our business and you will become a very wise Qroople connoisseur and a Top Qroople Broker!   

Advertising Agreement 

This is the contract we sign, including you, with our clients. This is a 11 page contract.


Broker's Agreement

This is the contract we sign with you as our broker. This is a 10 page contract. 


Qroople Presentation

Use this when doing presentations to new brands and new clients. This is a 22 page presentation. 


Advertising Space

This is the exclusive advertising space now available on each Qroople. Only 5 spots per country! 


Terms & Conditions

This is the Qroople concept and online web platform's terms and conditions. Find 12 pages. 


Marketing Letter

Use our marketing letter to better understand the Qroople concept and send it to brands and clients. 


Broker's Job Description

This is basically your job description. We also use this as our online advertisement internationally. 


Qroople Fees

This is the Qroople advertising fees you present to advertising companies. 



Qroople Brokers

The above downloads and contracts are the contracts and presentation materials that we sign with our Qroople Brokers, not with our Qroople Affiliates. Thank you.